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Waterfront Properties: Two Options For Controlling Soil Erosion

If you own a waterfront property, you face situations unique to property owners like you. Maintaining your dock may be one aspect among the many others. You likely rely on professionals to ensure that your property is safe. Docking areas require specific maintenance tasks, inspections, and monitoring to ensure their integrity.

Many homeowners are familiar with soil erosions and how it can negatively impact their homes. Potential damages can be mitigated if they are discovered in time. Soil erosion on land may show obvious signs that inspections and repairs are needed. This may be harder to detect when soil erosion occurs near water sources. If issues are noted, you will probably need to consider seawall design options to protect your property. There are a few other options that may be appealing too. The following points represent measures that can be taken to protect dock areas from the effects of soil erosion. 

Reinforce Seawalls

Your property may already have a seawall installed, especially if it is an older property. Some seawalls are located on properties, but homeowners may have opted for more modernized strategies to combat soil erosion at the waterways. If the newer technologies appear to need more support, you may need to consider using the long-forgotten seawall. It may be able to be reinforced and offer excellent stability when used in combination with other structural designs. The goal is to minimize or stop soil erosion, and it may take more than one solution for optimal protection. 

Consider Natural Options

Some plants thrive in moisture-rich conditions. These plants may also have ideal growth when they have access to good soil. Plants may help with soil erosion because their roots can grow into complex interminglings that can trap soil. The process can make the soil more stable because it may get trapped in the roots rather than get washed away from water that makes contact with the shoreline. Certain plant types may naturally require more water. Planting this type of foliage can aid in absorbing excess water and encouraging the growth of beautiful plants that outline your property near the shore.

A seawall design engineer, like Reuben Clarson Consulting, is a good resource to use to determine the best approach to protect you against property damages and ensure that your docking area is safe. They can examine the existing measures and improve them or implement new strategies that can protect you against inconveniences and safety hazards such as a collapsed dock.