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3 Roles Played By Watertight Doors On A Boat

The construction of a ship requires attention to many details. One of the most important details is the safety of all crew and passengers that will be aboard the vessel in the future. Watertight doors play an integral role in the overall safety and integrity of any floating vessel.

Learn more about watertight doors so that you can appreciate the importance of these construction components when you spend time aboard your boat in the future.

1. Control Internal Flooding

Modern ships are equipped with many of the same systems that provide convenience and comfort for people on land. These systems include an HVAC and plumbing system that serve the needs of the ship as a whole.

Just as a residential plumbing or HVAC system can spring a leak, the pipes on a ship are also vulnerable to failure.

Watertight doors can help to contain any internal flooding that occurs as a result of a broken pipe. The watertight door limits the spread of water to minimize damage to the ship as a whole, which helps ensure the vessel will be able to stay afloat.

2. Prevent the Spread of Fire

Watertight doors can do more than just prevent water from seeping from one compartment in a ship to another. These doors can also be valuable tools in the event of a fire. Sinking is often thought of as the most dangerous part of water travel, but a fire has the potential to create a serious threat aboard any vessel as well.

Watertight doors can be used to quarantine a fire and limit the amount of damage it causes to the ship as a whole. Since the watertight door will not allow any water or air to pass through its seal, flames and smoke will also be unable to sneak through a watertight door and spread.

This type of containment can allow a ship that has experienced a fire to safely reach land without injured passengers or crew members.

3. Contain Passengers and Crew

A ship has many mechanical components that must be kept working properly for the vessel to stay afloat. Watertight doors can help protect delicate equipment against damage caused by passengers or crew.

A watertight door can be connected to an electronic access pad that only allows authorized individuals to enter specific areas of the ship. This prevents inadvertent damage caused by incompetent or untrained individuals who may be aboard the ship at any given time.