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Which Roofing Installation Method Is Right? Hand-Nail Vs. Nail Gun

Roof technology has come a long way in recent years, and not just in terms of the type of shingle styles that are available to homeowners. Roof installation technology has also made great strides. Nowadays, homeowners can have their new roof installed or their old roof updated in a mere fraction of the time as it would have taken many years ago. 

A part of this newly added convenience is nail guns. In years past, just about all roofs were installed by a method known as hand-nailing, which is basically the same as using a hammer and nail. Learn what sets these two options apart so that you can make the right decision for your roofing needs.

Hand Nailing

As previously mentioned, hand nailing a roof is the traditional installation method. When it comes to this installation step, the experience of the roof installer matters a great deal. For installers with limited experience, hand nailing is the better option because the slow process is more forgiving and makes it easier to correct any errors.

However, the type of shingle being applied also matters when it comes to whether or not the roof should be hand nailed. As a general rule, the thinner the shingle, the better it is to hand nail in order to protect the integrity of the shingle. If there is any drawback to hand nailing, it's only that the process takes longer to complete. 

Nail Gun

A roof installed with a nail gun is all about speed. The tools used for roof installation mimic the characteristics of a traditional nail gun, which means that someone can install a large number of nails and cover a wide area in a short amount of time. However, unlike a hand nailing installation, expert knowledge and experience are essential.

The installer must understand exactly where to place the nails and use the tool, otherwise, the integrity of your roof will be in jeopardy. Additionally, a nail gun installation is not typically recommended if you're using a thin shingle. The power of the nail gun can be enough to blow right through the shingle and cause damage that can lead to a roof leak in the future. 

One of the installation options is not inherently better than the other. Any decision regarding which option to choose should be made based on the needs of the individual. Speak with a roofing contractor for further assistance with making your decision.