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There are lots of different ways to clean a carpet. If green cleaning and limiting the use of harsh household chemicals is a priority for you, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of natural alternatives for keeping your carpets clean and pristine. Whether you choose to do the carpet cleaning yourself or hire a carpet cleaning service that uses natural green cleaning methods, it’s a good idea to learn more about which natural products can clean and brighten your carpet while eliminating allergens and germs that can harm your family’s health. This blog will help you find the best ingredients for green carpet cleaning in your home.

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Key Questions To Ask When Choosing A Water Filtration System

Choosing a great water treatment option can be difficult; there are many factors to consider when balancing startup costs and long term benefits. Here are four key questions to consider when choosing your filtration system. 

What Kind of Problems Am I Worried About?

The first question you need to ask is what types of water quality problems you're targeting. Whether you're worried about water-borne pathogens or heavy metals, each filtration method has its strengths and weaknesses. Certain chemicals may not kill all pathogens; UV filtration may kill these pathogens but not remove sediment. 

You can judge the types of water quality issues in your area by looking at government water quality reports, but it's also important to get an individual water quality test for your home. You never know what types of pathogens are lurking in your pipes until you get a comprehensive test to help design your treatment plan. 

Am I Allergic to Any Treatments?

Chemical water filtration techniques, in particular, can be a problem for some people who are allergic to the chemicals in the treatment. Before you install a chemical filtration system in your home, get your family tested for the allergy, or do a trial run with chemically treated water beforehand. 

How Much Maintenance Am I Willing to Do?

It's a good idea to know not only how much, but what kinds of maintenance you're willing to do. Some filtration systems are easy to maintain; pressure-based systems don't have many moving parts and may only require you to change a filter every once in a while. UV bulbs can also last a long time before needing to be swapped out. Chemical systems may need to be replenished more often, but some contractors are willing to do this maintenance for you. 

How Much Demand Do I Have?

Hiring a contractor to install an elaborate water treatment system is an option best left for when you will have high, long-term demands for water. Refilling water pitchers can become a hassle in the long run and you may be better off having your construction team put some more automatic infrastructure in place. If you're looking at a reverse osmosis or chemical system, for instance, you'll probably need to have a contractor install the system for you. If your need for filtered water is temporary, you might consider a water filtration company to deliver water for a  specific time period. 

In short, there are many ways to get high quality water for drinking and other home use. Types of filtration vary a lot in terms of cost and time-consumption, so speak with a contractor, such as Valley Pump Inc., in order to choose the best system for your home.