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Preventing And Controlling Dumpster Odors

With the warm weather approaching, your dumpsters and trash cans will be more susceptible to foul odors. Heat and humidity speeds up the decaying process, making the malodorous air of trash even more irritating and disgusting.

However, you do not have to suffer from offensive, embarrassing odors from your trash until garbage collection day; with good trash management and other preventive measures, you can keep your trash can stench-free and attain a cleaner home environment.

Here is a look at simple ways to combat nasty odors from your dumpster should they arise:

Seal your dumpster

Placing your trash in sealed garbage bags will ensure that noxious odors produced during the rotting process are not released into the air. You can also reduce odor build-up by occasionally airing the dumpster. Fresh air will ensure moisture trapped inside the trash evaporates, slowing down the decay process.

The fresh air will also mitigate the growth of maggots and other microorganisms that are responsible for trash decay and foul odors. A sealed dumpster would be best in preventing raccoon, feral cats and other rodents from getting in your trash, destroying your airtight trash bags, and scattering trash around your compound.

To ensure that pests stay away from your trash, you can spray a taste deterrent such as ammonia or bleach inside trash bags containing food scraps. This will quickly teach feral cats, dogs and other rodents that your dumpster is not a good place for exploration and digging.

Hopefully, these measures can keep out odors from your dumpster, but if you already have a dumpster odor problem, the solutions outlined below can help you eliminate or at least reduce the foul odors.

Clean and deodorize your dumpster

As simple as it may sound, cleaning out your dumpster every now and then is an effective way of keeping toxic trash odors at bay. Degreasing agents can remove slimy grease and oils on the floor and walls of the dumpster, while bleach and a pressure washer can help eliminate any foul-smelling residue and keep the trash can clean.

Common household chemical agents can also be very useful in deodorizing the dumpster and getting rid of smells. Charcoal or baking soda can provide a low-cost odor absorbing agent that can be placed inside the dumpster overnight whenever the trash starts to stink a little too strongly. Cat litter or lime powders are also good moisture absorbents and odor repellents that can be used to control the embarrassing and noxious stench of trash.

To learn more, or if you have other questions, contact a company like Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc.