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There are lots of different ways to clean a carpet. If green cleaning and limiting the use of harsh household chemicals is a priority for you, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of natural alternatives for keeping your carpets clean and pristine. Whether you choose to do the carpet cleaning yourself or hire a carpet cleaning service that uses natural green cleaning methods, it’s a good idea to learn more about which natural products can clean and brighten your carpet while eliminating allergens and germs that can harm your family’s health. This blog will help you find the best ingredients for green carpet cleaning in your home.

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Older Homes Don't Have To Be Colder Homes

Older homes are charmers! With deep windowsills and wooden banisters worn smooth by the hands of previous generations, they possess a charm that newer homes cannot match. These graceful beauties, however, are not without flaws, one of which is the difficulty and expense involved in keeping them comfortably warm in winter. If you have an older home that has both an endearing charm and some uncomfortably cold rooms, here are some helpful tips to add warmth without breaking the bank. 

Try the Transoms

Transoms are more than just a beautiful architectural feature. In actuality, they were installed in older homes as a way to circulate both warm air in winter and cooler air in the summer. If your home is equipped with transoms that do not appear to function, it may be because dirt or rust has caused the hardware to stop working or the frame around the glass may have been painted shut. Try cleaning and oiling the mechanisms carefully, as well as removing any old paint that may be sealing the framed glass into place. 

When transoms operate correctly, they serve as vents for individual rooms or areas and direct heated and cooled air in or out of a space to keep the temperature regulated. This is particularly helpful in old homes that have lots of interior doors and odd layouts, or those that suffer from poor air flow issues. 

Supplement With Space Heaters

If the home has no transoms or they are inoperable, a good option is to install a wall-mounted space heater. Powered by propane, these heaters are safe and very efficient for supplemental heating in areas of large homes that are not heated by the main heat source. In addition, these are good options for newer or remodeled homes that have additions or areas with no existing duct work. Due to their compact size, they can be installed safely on the wall and fueled by a small propane tank located outside the home. 

No Power, No Problem

Propane space heaters and fireplaces are also a great idea as a backup plan for heating older homes during a power outage. For best results, choose a model that has no electrical fans or blowers. In addition to keeping the family comfortable when no electricity is available, the heat can help keep pipes and plumbing from freezing until the main heat source is operational once again. Your local propane heating professional, from a company like Self Heating Cooling, can help you choose and install the best space heater for your individual needs.