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What Makes Old Roofs So Dangerous?

25 August

If you have an aging roof, then you should start thinking about replacing it soon. This is because old roofs have problems that you may not be able to fix by piecemeal repairs. Here are three examples of such problems: Deteriorated Materials/Susceptibility to Damage All roof materials, including shingles, timber, and the underlayment, deteriorate with […]

Time For A New Water Heater? 2 Signs You Should Look Out For

10 August

You’re upgrading all your appliances to make your home more energy efficient. Have you thought about upgrading your water heater at the same time? If it’s more than 10 years old, it might be time. Your water heater is constantly working. Over time, it can wear. Once it does, you may find yourself without hot water […]

Heating Q&A: Should You Consider Radiant Heat?

31 July

The right heating system can turn your home from a chilly cave in the winter to a warm and welcoming abode and retreat from winter’s harshest temperatures. Radiant floor heating may seem like the perfect choice for taking off the chill on a cold day, and it might be depending on your home, budget and […]

Two Tips To Help Keep Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

11 July

Whether you have beautiful, frameless shower doors that appear to hang in space by themselves or you have the more traditional shower doors that feature gold or chrome plating, few things are as attractive as glass shower doors.  However, one problem that you may be facing is how to keep your glass shower doors looking […]

2 Signs That You Should Recover Your Roof Instead Of Replacing It

25 June

If you roof is in need of serious repair, you might feel as if replacing your roof is a better option. There comes a point in any roof’s lifespan when it’s smarter to replace it completely rather than continue to pay for repairs and deal with leaks and loss of energy efficiency, but unfortunately, having […]

Ideas On How To Help Your Do-It-Yourself Husband Have A Great Father’s Day

15 June

Does it seem like just yesterday that you were shopping for Christmas presents? If so, it’s probably amazing to you that the day has come to shop for the men in your life again. Father’s Day for 2015 is on Sunday, June 21st, so you still have time to make it a great event. If […]

The Importance Of Replacing Your Air Conditioner’s Filters Frequently

02 June

When you buy a new air conditioning system, you usually expect to use it for at least the next couple of years. But, unless you are providing it with a minimum level of care, its longevity will most likely be shorter than what you had initially anticipated. There are various ways to ensure that your […]

Cedar Decking Is A Great Choice, But Which Type Should You Choose?

18 May

Of all the decking material options available to choose from, cedar decking is among the best. Not only does it look great, but it is also fragrant and durable. As you begin looking for the perfect type of cedar to choose for your deck, you might want to compare red cedar and white cedar. Why […]

Preventing And Controlling Dumpster Odors

15 April

With the warm weather approaching, your dumpsters and trash cans will be more susceptible to foul odors. Heat and humidity speeds up the decaying process, making the malodorous air of trash even more irritating and disgusting. However, you do not have to suffer from offensive, embarrassing odors from your trash until garbage collection day; with […]