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Three Reasons To Use Concrete In Your Next Home Design

09 January

Whether you’re looking to make improvements and installations around your home or you’re building a new addition from scratch, there are clear advantages to including concrete in the design. Concrete is a material that provides unlimited design and finishing potential, with results that last decades longer than other building materials. So if you want to […]

Q&A: Potholes On An Asphalt Drive

06 January

Potholes in your driveway can damage your car’s tires and suspension, while also posing a safety hazard when you’re walking or using equipment like a snowblower. Understanding the basics of pothole formation on asphalt can help you determine the best way to avoid or fix them. What Causes a Pothole? Spring is usually pothole season […]

Older Homes Don’t Have To Be Colder Homes

22 December

Older homes are charmers! With deep windowsills and wooden banisters worn smooth by the hands of previous generations, they possess a charm that newer homes cannot match. These graceful beauties, however, are not without flaws, one of which is the difficulty and expense involved in keeping them comfortably warm in winter. If you have an […]