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How to Fix a Sweating Toilet

02 February

Condensation on the outside of the toilet tank, also referred to as sweating, is a common problem that is caused by a difference in the temperature between the toilet tank and the surrounding air. This constant accumulation of water on your toilet drank can then drip onto the floor, keeping the bathroom damp and promoting […]

Four Ways To Keep Your Furnace From Starting A Fire

02 February

Did you know that furnaces are one of the leading causes of house fires? This is especially true in an age where your furnace may be the oldest appliance in your home, from before a time when the fire code was as strict. Here are four ways you can stay safe and avoid a furnace […]

Removing And Preventing Algae And Mildew Stains On Wood Fences

12 January

Mildew, algae, and mold can all leave behind ugly greenish-black stains on a wooden fence. In many cases, you can remove the stains and save the fence. The following guide will help you determine when to clean and when to replace, along with providing you instructions for removing and preventing the stains. Clean or Replace? […]

Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Fencing Contractor

23 December

Have you recently bought a new home? Do you think that it could benefit from the installation of a new wood fence? If you’re not a fan of manual labor, you’re probably thinking about hiring a local fencing contractor (such as one from All Counties Fence and Supply) to do the work. Here are some questions […]

Could Replacing Your Existing Roof With A Slate Roof Help You?

07 December

Asphalt shingles are typically the most common form of roofing material you will see on residential applications, but slate roofing shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. In fact, there are many benefits to using slate roofing over many other types of roofing systems. Because it is so uncommon for homes, a lot of homeowners will […]

When Should You Try To Get Snow Off Your Roof This Winter?

17 November

One of the ways that many homeowners prevent damage to their property in the winter is by removing snow from their rooftops. Knowing when you should try to remove snow and whether or not it’s safe to do it on your own can help you get the job done right. When should you try to […]

Key Questions To Ask When Choosing A Water Filtration System

30 October

Choosing a great water treatment option can be difficult; there are many factors to consider when balancing startup costs and long term benefits. Here are four key questions to consider when choosing your filtration system.  What Kind of Problems Am I Worried About? The first question you need to ask is what types of water […]

3 Efficient Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills Year-Round

15 October

As a homeowner, you understand how important being hooked up to the energy grid is for your health and convenience. After all, you can’t turn the lights on, make meals in the kitchen, use the restroom, or enjoy electronic entertainment without a reliable power source in place. But just because you rely on the energy […]

How To Extend The Life Of Your Carpet By Minimizing Wear And Tear

30 September

Keeping carpets clean and stain free might come to mind when you think about carpeting upkeep. Minimizing wear and tear should also be a priority and given as much attention as day-to-day cleaning. Here are four ways to keep your carpet’s pile plush and minimize wear and tear over time. 1. Regular Vacuuming If dirt […]

Keep Your Parking Lot In Good Condition With These 4 Tips

12 September

An asphalt parking lot is an extension of your business and can leave an impression on customers and clients. However, if you’re like most business owners, you don’t think very much about your lot until there is extensive repair work to be done. Here are some things to do on a regular basis to ensure […]